Sue Elwell instructor

Sue Elwell

Studio Manager & Instructor

Sue Elwell's Bio

Sue Elwell is originally from North Dakota but has lived in Las Vegas the last 20 years.  She received her BS in Health and Human Performance from the University of Montana and then moved to Las Vegas to attend graduate school for her MS in Exercise Physiology.  Sue has worked in the fitness industry for 25 years working with a variety of clients.

Years as a Practitioner:

I have been consistent for the last 3 years with the last year working solely with the classical method.

Years as an Instructor:

Sue has been an apprentice instructor at the Pilates Firm for the last year.

Whats the biggest benefit of Pilates:

I love that Pilates is truly a mind body connection.  Your focus is on what your body is doing right now without all the distractions.  It’s your time to focus on you.

Who do you love helping:

I love helping anyone meet their health and wellness goals or anyone who just wants to feel better and be able to move better.

Favorite Exercise:

My favorite exercise changes depending on how my body feels.  One of the great things about Pilates is that there is always an exercise to help your body feel better. Right now Sari and legs spring make my back and hips feel great.

Favorite Food:

My favorite food is anything that someone else will make for me

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