About The Pilates Firm Las Vegas

Classical Pilates refers to the most authentic and original form of the Pilates method of body conditioning as taught to us by Joseph Pilates himself. Although Joseph Pilates is no longer alive, his work still lives through a wonderful lineage of instructors who have preserved and upheld his teaching.

What is Classical Pilates?

The Pilates Firm Las Vegas is THE authentic Classical Pilates Studio located in Las Vegas. We have 100% Gratz equipment- considered to be the best in the world and created by Joseph Pilates himself! We specialize in custom private sessions for busy executives, parents, and athletes who don’t have time to waste but want a workout that will make them look AND feel good. In addition, we offer small group equipment classes for those who prefer to share the dynamic energy of Pilates with other fitness enthusiasts. Our clients enjoy better posture, more confidence, dramatic recovery improvement after races, the ability to tie their shoes with straight legs, stress relief, and finally a workout that doesn’t hurt (discomfort is fine, lol).

What can I expect if I try pilates?


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