Juliet Clingan

Sr. Instructor / Studio Director

Juliet Clingan's Bio

Juliet Lauren is proud to hold a Romana’s Pilates Certification since 2008 (Romana Kryzanowska was the premier student of Joe and his wife Clara Pilates for many years and took over running their studio after their passing). Juliet’s certification includes over 600 hours of observation and instruction on all Pilates equipment.

Juliet participates in continuing education every year with her mentors Brie Neff, Trish Garland, Mari Winsor, Jay Grimes, Chris Robinson, Cynthia Lochard, and Sari Mejia-Santo. Since her Vegas arrival she has taught at The Pilates Body, Las Vegas and continues as Pilates staff at Cirque du Soleil instructing the performers in Zumanity. Juliet infuses her education and 10,000+ experience hours to provide her clients with the best results and highest value.

Before becoming certified, Juliet earned her BFA in Dance Education from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, her hometown. She has traveled the world through her professional career as a dancer working on cruise ships, with the NFL, and here in Vegas as a famous Jubilee showgirl.

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