Anthony Piegaro

Sr. Instructor

Anthony Piegaro's Bio

I’m currently an Athletic Trainer for Cirque du Soleil at Mystere. As an Athletic Trainer for Cirque du Soleil, I have also worked on Zumanity, LOVE, and La Nouba. My previous work as an Athletic Trainer includes Columbia University, the Philadelphia Eagles, and Williams College. In my downtime, I enjoy watching sports, cooking, and shopping. I’m a big sports fan and foodie!

Why do you do Pilates?
I do Pilates for physical and mental well-being. I love the challenge that it provides from both a physical and mental perspective.

What is your favorite exercise & why?
My favorite exercise is the Teaser because of everything that is combined into that exercise and how great it feels when you’re able to perform a good Teaser.

What is the best part of teaching clients?
The best part of teaching clients is helping them to feel good about themselves and seeing the short-term and long-term progress that they achieve in their Pilates practice.

If you could tell yourself something about Pilates you know now, but didn’t when you started, what would it be?
I would tell myself that Pilates is an evolving practice and that there is always something to improve upon.

What goal are you working on in teaching or personal practice?
The goal that I am working on in my personal practice is improving my upper body strength and mobility/flexibility to be able to perform a High Bridge. The goal that I am working on in my teaching practice is becoming more efficient in using the Pilates method to achieve my client’s goals.

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