Abby Simpson Studio Manager & Instructor

Abby Simpson


Abby Simpson's Bio

Years as a Practitioner:

7 years

Years as an Instructor:

7 years as group fitness instructor and personal trainer, 2 years in classical Pilates

Whats the biggest benefit of Pilates:

I love Pilates because it’s a workout that leaves nothing out. Pilates works the whole body AS the whole body, rather than working a series of body parts one at a time. In this way, it reflects how we move in real life, sport and play. You finish a Pilates session feeling long, lean and strong every time. With a solid Pilates program your body learns how to move with intelligence and you become less likely to overstretch, strain or injure the muscles you need to do the activities you love.

Who do you love helping:

I love helping students who are excited to get to know their bodies and their potential. I especially love working with beginners and celebrating eureka moments and accomplishments with them. I enjoy working with the skeptic student too! Because experiencing soon becomes believing.

Favorite Exercise:

I love all the rolling and twisting exercises best. The rollover is a favorite as well as twisted swan on the wunda chair.

Favorite Food:

On Friends, Joey got a lot of flack for this…but I really love a well-made sandwich. (a well-made vegetarian sandwich : )

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